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DJ Michael Mallon

Disco Generation

Disco Generation. Your Wedding Specialist

Disco Generation is perfect for your wedding day

At Disco Generation, we take pride in providing top quality sound, lighting and all round entertainment for your special day. I will personally work with you before your wedding to get an understanding on any special requests you may have for your wedding disco.

Why choose us?
At Disco Generation there is 1 DJ & that's me... Michael, so once you book me, that's exactly who you get, unlike many other mobile disco firms/agencies, they will take your booking regardless of their own availability, then close to your event date they will ring around their DJ contacts to try and get the cheapest one so they will make more money for themselves. You wouldn't book a caterer for your big day and not know who might turn up, so why do it with your disco.

   I believe that the disco is the most important part to a wedding reception, because it is going to be the close of your wedding and is always the most talked about form of entertainment, so when considering your DJ, please don't just book the cheapest, because if you pay peanuts you will only get monkeys! I have lost count of the amount of times I have received last minute phone calls of people panicking because their low budget DJ has cancelled on them. Disco Generation has been operating for over 8 years now and I have never cancelled or let down a customer; myself and my crew always show up at least 1 hour before we are due to start so we can get talking to a band member to make the switch from band to disco as quick as possible.
   If we are not available for your wedding date we will not take your wedding booking along with a deposit like most other DJ agencies, but however we would be more than happy to recommend other professional DJ's that we think very highly off and would regularly work with.

For a FREE quotation contact Michael on the information below:
Mobile: 078 456 22 590